LEASE                                                                         Date:                                                          




Lessor/Owner does hereby lease unto said Lessees:


Under the following conditions:
Rent:  The Lessees agree to pay a rent of __________a month, due on or before the _______day of each
month.  There will be a five dollar a day late charge for all rent past due the 7th day.  It is hereby
understood that if one or more of the Lessees moves or fails to pay their portion of the rent, then the
remaining Lessees will be responsible for the full amount of the monthly rent for the full term of the lease.
Term:  The Lessees agree to lease said property for a period of _____months, beginning
_____________________and ending _____________________.  If the lessees wish to extend the lease,
they shall give the Lessor/Owner written notice prior to premises being rented to others, at which time a
new lease will be negotiated.
Deposit:  The Lessees agree to pay in advance __________damage deposit.  The entire deposit is
refundable after the premises are vacated or after the lease term ends less any charge for damage, late or
unpaid rent charges or if the premises are left unclean.
The Lessor/Owner agrees to be responsible for all major repairs and expenses that may occur to said
property, except through negligence of the Lessees.
The Lessor/Owner is responsible for all lawn care but not for snow and ice removal.
The Lessor/Owner shall have the right to enter the Lessees premises.
The Lessor/Owner is not liable to the Lessees or their guests for any damage or loss of personal property
or injuries on the premises by whatever cause.  
The Lessor/Owner must approve in writing subletting of the premises by Lessees.
The Lessees agree to have no pets on or about the premises at any time.
The Lessees agree to keep the premises neat and clean during the term of the lease, and at the end of
said lease to have said premises and all portions thereof, including but not limited to, carpets, appliances
and walls in a clean and orderly condition.
This is our lease, we believe in keeping it simple.
With over 30 years of experience we have learned what is important to say.
Bob Merow, Woodburn Rentals
Your Name
Property Location
$                                                    1st
___ /____ /____                                  _____/____/_____
* Most of our leases are for 12 months but there are exceptions.
** The deposit is equal to 1 month rent.  The deposit is all you pay to
obtain the unit.  No rent is due until your lease starts.
***There are exceptions to the no pets clause.  Sometimes cats or
small dogs are allowed.
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